WATCHTOWER release ´Concepts Of Math: Book One´

Erneut "Octobermatics" im Oktober

Im vergangenen Oktober veröffentlichten WATCHTOWER vollkommen überraschend drei Songs in digitaler Form, die wir aufgrund des Veröffentlichungsmonats in Bezug auf das nie veröffentlichte Album ´Mathematics´ schlicht ´Octobermatics´ nannten (siehe hier).

Nun ist die Band einen Schritt weiter und kann einen Plattendeal mit 'Prosthetic Records Europe' vorweisen. Und am 7. Oktober - wieder im Oktober - soll tatsächlich die EP ´Concepts Of Math: Book One´ erscheinen - auf LP und CD.

Dazu Gitarrist Ron Jarzombek:

I'm psyched to be on the same label as my old friend Marty Friedman! Prosthetic has also been home to great bands like Gojira, Animals As Leaders, All That Remains, as well as my fellow Texans, Scale the Summit. It's nice to know we are in good company on this label. The music we'll release later this year picks up right where we left off with Control And Resistance.

´Concepts Of Math: Book One´ enthält die 2010er Digital-Single ´The Size Of Matter´ und die drei Songs aus dem vergangenen Oktober ´M-Theory Overture´, ´Arguments Against Design´ und ´Technology Inaction´. Hinzu kommt ein neuer epischer Song namens ´Mathematica Calculisthe´.

Kommentiert von Sänger Alan Tecchio:

I am so stoked to be a part of this legendary jazz-metal-prog group once again! Right now we are close to finishing the tracking for the additional 10 minute song that we are adding to the other 4 tunes. This will complete the EP that Prosthetic plans to release later this year. I can tell you that the new song is especially super cool and has that classic Watchtower sound. I think the fans both new and old will have a deep appreciation for what is going to be available from us later this year.



Alan Tecchio – vocals
Ron Jarzombek - guitar
Doug Keyser – bass
Rick Colaluca - drums



Energetic Disassembly (1985)
Control and Resistance (1989)
Demonstrations In Chaos (2002)
Concepts of Math: Book One (2016)

Von: Michael Haifl
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