Online Streaming Festival

May 18 to May 31

After thousand requests, now our Live-Shows in the stream.

May 18 to May 31 - same program every day.

Go to and you will see the stream (HQ, full stereo). Calculate CET (Central European Timezone) into your timezone to use the schedule (see picture). One Act each hour. Acts who have played less than an hour are filled up with specials and livesongs from other bands. Yes, it´s free! Except of Razor, Death Row and The Rods the audio of all shows is a mix from the original 24-track-recording. Multicam editing!

Bands, if you don´t like your spot in our running order please note that you might be the "headliner" in some time-zones! This is worldwide! !

Same program every day - non stop every day in continual repetition.



Let the Music into your house.
Let all Bands into your house.
Your Home will be the concert area.

May 18 to May 31 - only at

Two weeks, every day -
Every hour another Band.
Plus NWoBHM-/Cult-Specials.

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