Ms Larsen & Ruud Jolie

Lunacy Box’ singer with Within Temptation’ lead guitarist








New Model Label and Raw Lines are pleased to announce the collaboration between former Lunacy Box’ singer Ms Larsen and Within Temptation’ lead guitarist Ruud Jolie.

Ms Larsen is not only an acclaimed photojournalist covering war zones and countries in transition but, thanks to her eclecticity during her career has been involved as ghost vocalist for Geffen Records, songwriter for EMI Italy and more recently as frontlady of gothic rock band Lunacy Box which she split in 2010.

We asked Ms Larsen to introduce this new release:

“Months ago, I was inspired by a small poetry book found at my place: yellow covered, with a green title… which immediately reminded me the same fonts used by Iron Maiden; entitled “The Summer Sun” by Dr. Satinder Bajaj and I started reading it.

I was touched by most of the poems written by the Indian author, probably because I’m a woman. So I got into it analyzing many point of views of female psychology and why not… my life as well.

Then I got in touch with Ruud after we met during the Hydra Tour, and started working on this song. What I really needed was a guitarist with metal background, able to arrange without being the copycat of his already world’s famous band and I presume we really got it.

The clip directed by Giovanni Tutti has the same imprint of a nightmare, but as I said before it’s all about female behaviour, the eternal fight between body and mind, the fact that many women are not accepting the way they look, and it’s a problem which affects women of all ages everywhere.”

The single will be released on September 9th 2016 and it includes two remixes, one from Italian electronic/experimental artist Luca Sommariva and the other club oriented, from electronic duo Helalyn Flowers.

Traklisting: 1. Raindrops / 2. Raindrops – Helalyn Flowers Remix feat. Noemi Aurora / 3. Raindrops – L.S. Waning Moon Remix


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