Kevin Goocher kehrt zu OMEN zurück!

Er übernimmt den Gesang auf dem neuen Album "Hammer Damage".

Back in OMEN: Kevin Goocher

Ganz überraschend kündigte PHANTOM X Sänger Kevin Goocher seine Rückkehr zu OMEN an, wo er nach George Call (ASKA) und Matt Story wieder den Gesang übernehmen wird.

Hier ein Statement von Kevin im original Wortlaut:

"I am proud to announce that I am singing with OMEN again. I am happy to be back with Kenny Powell, Andy Haas and Steve Wittig after all of these years. I am currently working on the vocals for the "Hammer Damage" album that will be released soon on Pure Steel Records. This album will be great! We have dates booked for South America with MANILLA ROAD in July and Up The Hammers Festival in 2015 as well as Kronic Production Hell Fest in June. We are on the verge of epicness and the saga continues...
I was with them for 8 years previously and we always had alot of fun on stage together in those days. Feels like coming home again after a long vacation. Just feels right. The thing with Kenny, Andy and I is that we've been friends so long and we know each other so well that we know how to punch each other and move on."

Von: Martin Brandt
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