Zweites Album "Collider"

Am 06.04. veröffentlichen HEADS. ihr zweites Album "Collider" auf This Charming Man Records. Die Langrille wird zudem via Corpse Flower Records (North America) und Heart of the Rat Records (Australia/NZ) released.

11.04.18 Hamburg Astra Stube w/TERA MELOS
12.04.18 Osnabrück Popsalon Festival w/TERA MELOS
13.04.18 Wiesbaden Kreativfabrik w/TERA MELOS
14.04.18 Berlin Release Party w/GEWALT

"The initial idea for Urges came to us after we played some big reverb heavy rooms in Europe over the last couple of years. We wanted to write a song that would highlight these echoes, to turn up and play and enjoy the resonance that's created within the spaces in the music. The words came to me while walking through a particularly dark Berlin about 3am one night. I stood in a doorway out of the rain and scribbled down the lyrics before they were gone. Essentially, the song is about the repeated errors and mistakes we make as humans, the things we want to change but aren't able to."

preorder link bit.ly/2nTpO3G


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