Ex-QUEENSRYCHE Gitarrist mit neuem Projekt

THE RUE sind Chris DeGarmo & Tochter

The Rue is a father-daughter project from Seattle, WA, featuring the collaborative efforts of Rylie (vocals) and Chris DeGarmo (guitar).

Their just-completed debut EP is a six song, acoustic based vibe that demonstrates both Rylie's arresting vocal stylings and lyrical sophistication (the result of tastes spanning Billie Holiday to Ella Fitzgerald and Radiohead), as well as Chris' sparing but highly tasteful audio tapestries woven with any manner of stringed instruments.

This is a recording to disappear into with each track pulling the listener further into it's delicate yet complex web.

The two have performed live together in the Breadline Performance Series at Vermillion, Seattle WA.

The Rue's first release, a self-titled EP, is now available! Writing has been in the works for a second compilation.


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