Ten years in two hours...

On May 23, 2016, Barock Project will release VIVO, their first live album (the fifth in Barock's overall discography) to celebrate ten years of music writing and as a follow-up to four studio albums. Each Barock Project's album has been greatly appreciated by Italian and foreign press. VIVO will be the fifth release by BP, following a successful studio album Skyline (2015), sold in 34 countries. In addition to the live tracklist, enriched by a memorable version of Genesis hit Los Endos, VIVO includes an unreleased bonus studio track: My Silent Sea.

Two cds for two full hours of music - will feature all the BP hits and shows the musical evolution of composer/leader Luca Zabbini and his band. VIVO has been recorded during the 2015 Skyline Tour: Skyline achieved overwhelming appreciations, many journalists all over the world acclaimed Barock's ability of playing progressive-rock combining tradition with a new direction. Vittorio De Scalzi (New Trolls founding member) and special guest in Skyline, publicly appointed BP as symphonic-prog heirs in continuation of his work with the New Trolls and their Concerto Grosso albums.

VIVO tracklist:

CD 1

Back to you 7:26
Coffee in Neukolln 8:33
Save your soul 6:30
Fool's epilogue 8:56
Inside my dreamer's eyes 11:23
Un altro mondo 6:45
Duellum 8:46
Los Endos 6:44

CD 2

Overture 3:54
Gold 8:39Roadkill 6:28
Skyline 11:02
The silence of our wake 10:50
The longest sigh 8:23
BONUS: My silent sea 9:06

Barock Project:

Luca Zabbini – piano, keyboards, acoustic guitars, vocals
Luca Pancaldi – lead vocals
Eric Ombelli – drums
Marco Mazzuoccolo – electric guitars
Francesco Caliendo - electric bass


Barock Project:

Barock Project Facebook:

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Exclusive promotional price of €16,00 (instead of €19,00).

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