Damien Black - Dead Of Winter CD

They say great things come to those who wait…and the wait is over for Damien Black fans! Arkeyn Steel Records is proud to release the new full length Dead Of Winter from Orlando, Florida’s melodic power metal masters Damien Black. This epic release features re-recordings of the songs that appeared on the bands first (Black Reign) and unreleased second demos plus “Black Reign” demo from 1992 original recording, mix are included as bonus. Not only have these songs never been released before on CD, the new recordings feature a heavy, modern production while retaining the trademark Damien Black sound, all wrapping in a stunning package with 12-pages booklet featuring never before seen photos, lyrics and bio. For those new to Damien Black and fans of US power metal in the vein of Vicious Rumors, Queensryche and Savatage, this release is a must. Dead Of Winter is a showcase of glass shattering vocals, amazing guitar work and a pounding rhythm section, all delivered in songs that are epic and powerful.



1. The Sky Is Falling
2. When Darkness Falls
3. One Night In Babylon
4. Dead Of Winter
5. Pray For Me
6. One Voice
7. Psycho Drama
8. Run With The Night


9. The Sky Is Falling (Demo)
10. Dead Of Winter (Demo)
11. One Voice (Demo)
12. Psycho Drama (Demo)

Shadowcast – The Premonition CD

Arkeyn Steel Records is proud to announce the re-release of Shadowcast, “The Premonition”. Shadowcast comes from Dayton, Ohio and delivered a fine mixture of US Melodic Metal with Power/Progressive touches back on the 80s. Includes the renowned first demo, “Necropolis”. Local station WCWT reviewed and compared them to Fate’s Warning, Queensryche, Leatherwolf and Fifth Angel. “Private Reality” was featured on Clear Channel’s WAZU and had a feature interview on their local music segment. This is the best tribute for Shadowcast to see both demos first time on CD. This band earned a loyal following and packed the house by playing hard hitting originals mixed with metal classics. Digital remastered by Randy Davis (Shadowcast, Wrathskeller, Sartori), artwork by Cadies Art (DragonForce, Doro).


1. Black Trinity
2. Necropolis
3. Deception Game
4. Prelude
5. Private Reality
6. Word Void
7. Puppets Of Destiny
8. Hell Born On Earth
9. WCWT Interview 

1-4 “Demo 1990”, 5-8 “Demo 1989”, 9 “Interview 1989

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Osiris - Resurrection Double-CD

FINALLY! Arkeyn Steel Records is ready to daylight the music of Osiris from Vancouver, Canada.

“Resurrection” including five demos (1986, 1987, 1989, 1992, 1993), and many bonus material from outtakes, rehearsals and compilation track.

This masterpiece will be available first time on CD. Here we got the finest melodic Canada Power Metal you can imagine, in the vein of Queensryche, Fates Warning, Crimson Glory and Heir Apparent, featuring killer vocals and fantastic lead guitar parts. All the songs have been remastered by Kostas Scandalis (Wardrum, Horizons End) at Infinity Studios and will be presented on a great double CD package with 16-pages booklet featuring never before seen photos, lyrics and bio.




1. As The Story Is Told
2. Just Me And You
3. Mystery
4. All The Way
5. Another Lost Soul
6. Holy Lightning
7. Rhesus In Dimension
8. The Witches Are Burning
9. So Evil
10. Mystery
11. Fugitive Will
12. Visionary
13. Seasons Of Change
14. What In Carnation 

1-4: "Osiris The First Edition" Demo 1986 5-10: "Live At Profile" Live Demo 1987 11: Bullfrog Studio Demo 1990 12: Unreleased Demo 1989 13-14: Rehearsal 1993


1. Sights Unseen
2. Lone Quest
3. Exercise In Futility
4. By Reason Of Insanity
5. The Hand Of Fate
6. The Witches
7. Men Of Steel
8. Sail Away
9. In Custody
10. Dead Poets
11. Dreamstate
12. Battle Cry
13. Lone Quest (Vancouver Rocks!) 

1-6: "Hand Of Fate" Demo 1989 7-8: "Osiris 1992" Demo 1992 9-11: "Osiris 2nd Edition" Demo 1993 12: Outtake from “Hand Of Fate” Demo 1989 13: From “Vancouver Rocks” Compilation 1990


Wrathskeller – Eve Of The End CD

Wrathskeller from Dayton, Ohio, USA delivered fine US Power Metal in the vein of Armored Saint, Metal Church, Deadly Blessing, Gargoyle and Glacier.

Arkeyn Steel Records is pleased to announce and brings back to light the entire demo catalogue of Wrathskeller.

“Eve of the End” including three demos (1986, 1987, 1989), one demo/audition from 1988 with Dwight Bowden (Paragon, OH, USA) on vocals and bonus from Recording Workshop Sessions and live from 1989.

From the depths of Dayton, throughout the late 1980’s, Wrathskeller cranked out a heavy stream of crushing US Power Metal. This young, hardworking band produced an extensive catalogue of original power metal over several years of writing and recording. Remastered by Randy Davis (Shadowcast, Wrathskeller, Sartori), artwork by Cadies Art (DragonForce, Doro).



1. Dancing With The Dead
2. Product Of A Sick Mind
3. Red Man's Magik
4. Witches Hill
5. Dancing With The Dead
6. Mark Of The Vampire
7. The Flying Dutchmen
8. The Seduction
9. Circuits On Fire
10. Eve Of The End
11. Hail To The Heavy
12. Shoot Out The Stars
13. Dancing With The Dead
14. Hell Born On Earth
15. Withes Hill
16. Bleeding Grounds

1-4: Demo 1989
5-8: Demo 1987
9-12: Demo 1986
13-14: Dwight Bowden's Audition 1988
15: Rhythm Tracks 1989
16: Live 1989

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