KEEP IT TRUE XVIII (English Version)

24. und 25.04.2015, Tauberfrankenhalle, Lauda-Königshofen

Fotos: Mario Lang und Martin Brandt

The XVIII. „Keep It True´-Festival is history, and - once again - the fans were more than happy to enjoy magic moments of their beloved metal-music.

Here, in the lovely area of Taubertal, took part of the event, checked out the bands for you, and we were really pleased. Not only did the organizer prove a very good taste in the choice of acts, but also the fans were amazing. Can you imagine any other place where you can celebrate high-level metallic music presented by TITAN FORCE or RIOT in combination with rocking gems like ULI JON ROTH or ASHBURY?

We proudly present our report of the most amazing metal festivals of all amazing festivals in the whole world.



Presenting their second album ´Illusions in Infinite Void´, the Athenians pumped liters of fresh blood into the veins of that old honorable professor called ´Texas-Metal´. This challenging, likely intricate and mind-blowing masterpiece in the tradition of HELSTAR, WATCHTOWER or HADES worked itself very well on cd (and vinyl). What about the live performance? Well, this question was easily answered just after a few minutes by a loud and clear ´Hellfuckingyeah´. Starting with the opening laserchords of ´En Cima Del Mal´ it was pretty clear that this band is performing for their lives – with some pretty well-pitched sound.

The fans filling the more and more crowded hall were enflamed and celebrated those extremely tight Greeks following their lead-siren Dimitris Kataloglou unlike barely any KIT-Opener before.

Then, the moment when special-appearance HEATHEN´S RAGE singer Alan Tecchio entered the stage, performing a sparkling version of HADES-classic ´The Leaders´, the cheers reached the volume of a late-night-scream, even though it was just after lunch time. You couldn´t have imagined any better start for that day.

After their performance, with a bright glance in their eyes, the friendly band members met with the crowd and were nearly unable to withstand the compliments and the beer donations. We hope to see you soon! (LK)

En Cima Del Mal
Panic In Urals (Burning Skies)
Lost Chapter E: Sutratma
A Tyrannous Revolt,
Lost Chapter E: Amarna's Reign
The Leaders?
Return Of The Dead
Master Of A Darker Light

Following this enormous start-up, Sara Steel and her three companions had some hard work to keep the amazed crowd on track. And these Portuguese from Coimbra made a real good job and deserve our congratulations.

Their catchy power-metal inspired by VICIOUS RUMORS, CHASTAIN, LIEGE LORD and RIOT was performed on the spot, providing a perfect wellness feeling by showing off some early-eighties grace and joy of playing.

Performing a cover-version of RUFFIANS ´Fight For Your Life´, which Sara interpreted with so much love, THE UNHOLY had made a real good choice. Following, their new song ´Tonight You Sleep In Hell´ proved itself a first class mid-speed stunner. We are looking forward to the first full album! (LK)

Open The Gates
She Comes From The Grave
Freeway Fighter
A Call From The Night
Fight For Your Life
Tonight You Sleep In Hell
Queen Of Thunder

This quintet, originally from Peru, presented two remarkable big hits over the last two years, which are ´Lethal Strike´ and especially the ´To Hell´-album from 2014. These guys may be counted towards the Young & Wild, shooting their metal consequent and straight-forward to the audience, including thrash and NWoBHM-elements.

The action on stage was likewise. The band worked-out like hell on stage and, though suffering from some grumpy sound, they were a visual highlight. Admitted, their songs themselves were rather less inventive, but the way they addressed them, snotty and boisterous, it was always refreshing. Unfortunately the bad sound made them loose a lot of vocal power, and the audiences´ pain barrier was checked more than once by singer Harry El Sucio screaming into the mic.

For those who are common with their records, it was a striking fact that the boys performed at double speed. In the end it was an entertaining gig with a great cover of ´Mion’s Hill´ from originally Japanese SABBAT! (JT)

Beyond The Curse
The Roadrunner (Bite My Dust)
Fallen Soldier
Denim Attack
Mion's Hill
Rough Riders
To Hell
Highland Warrior
Inner Demon

Even though having presented two good old classics in the early 80´s (´Master Of Evil´ and ´Turn On The Power´), MINDLESS SINNER from Sweden were rather counted towards the big unknown of this festival.

Their performance was like category ´Reasonable´. Admitted, singer Christer Göransson was not able to tie in with old successes, but nevertheless his performance was quite good.

The live-versions of their old chestnuts appeared rather harder according to the down-tuned guitars, but the flair of the ancients unfortunately was nearly lost. This gig’s best practice: performing the title-songs of the mentioned records.

My conclusion: I´ll rather listen to the records and debauch in memories. No need to see them twice. (JT)

We Go Together
I'm Gonna (Have Some Fun)
Live And Die
Broken Freedom
Standing On The Stage
Master Of Evil
Turn On The Power
Screaming For Mercy
Voice Of The Doomed
Here She Comes Again

Tight, straight forward – FIST nearly immediately erased all my doubts (not only mine). Having at least one old classic title on stage ´Name, Rank An Serial Number´, the repertoire of the Englishmen did not last longtime. Nevertheless, songs like ´Turn The Hell On´ and ´Too Hot´ made the audience whip with their feet.

In the end, FIST is to be considered rather second garment of NWoBHM bands, but their sound was good enough to rate their non-surprising songs as positive anyways.

Finally, as expected, ´Name, Rank An Serial Number´ was the undisputed highlight of the FIST gig, and the band themselves enjoyed it, too. (JT)

The Vamp
Dog Soldier
Too Hot
Forever Amber
Turn The Hell On
Lost And Found
SS Giro
Name, Rank And Serial Number

Jutta Weinhold carries a 40-year career as musician on her back, and you can only say „chapeau´ to this exuberant lady for still having such a great voice today. The KIT-audience´s main focus, for sure, lay on the first two ZED YAGO records ´From Over Yonder´ and ´Pilgrimage´.

One of the members of her actual solo-band is Claus ´Bubi the Smith´ Reinholdt, a former member of ZED YAGO, too.

The other two, guitar and bass, have been exchanged since I last saw JWB, which was at the Swordbrothers Festival. By playing the songs ´Zed Yago´, ´The Fear Of Death´ or ´The Man Who Stole The Holy Fire´ Jutta and Co actually provided exactly that sound to the KIT which was desired, and then, having all the fans on stage to dance and scream with the band, the spark leaped over completely. This very pleasant performance of a really likeable lady was concluded in a furious finale with ´Rocking For The Nation´. (MB)

Zed Yago
The Fear Of Death
The Spell from Over Yonder
The Pale Man
The Man Who Stole The Holy Fire
Black Bone Song
Rockin' For The Nation

Remembering their gig in 2013 at ´Hammer Of Doom´, which was pure magic, it was again a really fantastic happening to witness those misjudged Hard-Rock-Wizards from Tucson / Arizona drawing melodies, even though they performed in daylight this time. There is some good reason why their debut album ´Endless Skies´, released in 1983, is compared to the highlights of WISHBONE ASH, RAINBOW and the ALLMAN BROTHERS.

So, for all those here in Königshofen who didn´t feel some warmth growing in their hearts when listening to ´The Warning´, ´Take Your Love Away´ or the divine ´Madman´, they are most likely not very into (Southern-) Hard Rock.

Paying tribute to the in 2004 released second album ´Something Funny Going On´ meant playing two songs (´Cold Light Of Day´ and ´Evacuation Time´), before ASHBURY finalized their outstanding performance with a JETHRO TULL Cover of ´Aqualung´. Really Great! (LK)

The Warning
Take Your Love Away
Hard Fight
No Mourning
Mystery Man
Evacuation Time
Endless Skies
Cold Light Of Day

Hereby I proudly present my absolute favorite band for Friday: LEATHERWOLF. They presented an absolute high level performance with a hit-on-hit-combo and therefore were cheered and celebrated by the fans.

Even though only two of the original band members are still on stage nowadays, front man Michael Olivieri and drummer Dean Roberts, they are still able to create that old-fashioned magic.

What else was to be expected from such first-class songs like ´Spiter´, ´Kill And Kill Again´, also the more melodic-tempered power-horses like ´Rise And Fall´, ´Gypsies And Thieves´, ´Street Ready´ and ´Thunder´ adding up with the all-mighty ´Hideaway´.

Those songs raised the mood of the whole audience as the fans knew the lyrics and accompanied the songs throughout nearly the whole performance. Just one question: Why does a band with such a huge and outstanding repertoire waste time in playing a cover-version of JUDAS PRIEST ´Victim Of Changes´ instead of spending that particular time on own songs.

The Voice of singer Michael Olivieri seems to be still the same like in the past 25 to 30 years, just as if time passed by him without any aftermaths. This guy just doesn´t want to grow older. The sound itself was bombastic, a fact that emphasized the great range of the songs. The Californians acted and performed like a perfect team, presenting a really well-done, no, even perfect gig. This band definitely suffers from being underrated these days. Each time the triple-axe rushed-in your jaws dropped open. Gigantic! (JT)

Rise Or Fall
Street Ready
Victim Of Changes
Princess Of Love
Kill And Kill Again
Gypsies And Thieves
Alone In The Night
The Calling
Wicked Ways

Actually, ULI JON ROTH doesn´t really go along with the KIT, same like ASHBURY, but both outsiders made their gigs a well-deserved victory parade. Starting the performance with a really cool version of SCORPION´s ´All Night Long´ Uli presented himself as a very skilled guitar virtuoso despite his 61 years of age, outshining his companions (who made a good job tough) simply with his skill and aura.

After having played a shit-hot ´Pictured Life´ and ´Catch Your Train´ Uli presented another highlight ´The Sails Of Charon´, which also made younger KIT-visitors cheer, even if they hadn´t even been born when these songs were originally released. Ok, I have to admit, even I didn´t purchase the first SCORPIONS record with Uli, ´Fly To The Rainbow´, on its release-day in 1974. Joined by nearly the whole Tauberfrankenhalle they made their way through the guitarists former life with the SCORPIONS, performing ´We`ll Burn The Sky´ and ´In Trance´.

And then Uli slowed down, took a seat and an acoustic guitar, and presented a solo which left a lot of fans really amazed. Well, you can´t beat a master. The master of the sky-guitar finalized his fantastic gig with ´Fly To The Rainbow´, ´Top Of The Bill´ and ´Dark Lady´, but not without performing a furious encore of Dylan/Hendrix-Cover ´All Along The Watchtower´. (MB)

All Night Long
Pictured Life
Catch Your Train
The Sails Of Charon
Sun In My Hand
We'll Burn The Sky
In Trance
- Gitarren-Solo -
Fly To The Rainbow
Top Of The Bill
Dark Lady
All Along The Watchtower

Now it was time for the first day´s headliner to enter the stage. Mark this: After recently only guitarist John Ricci held the flag, they lined-up in with the original band setting, including drummer/singer Dan Beehler and bassist Alan Johnson.

Catching a perfect intro with ´Stand Up And Fight´ and Heavy Metal Maniac´, Beehler screamed like in his best ages and broke his drumkit like Animal from The Muppets.

The hall was filled, so were the fans, and the audience just waited to be slaughtered.

Regarding the hard stuff EXCITER fired like ´Rising Of The Dead´, maybe not everbody in the last corner was entertained, but hey - life´s hard.

After that, the doors to hell opened with ´Beyond The Gates Of Doom´ while ´Pounding Metal´ raged like hammering berserkers in our heads. But even EXCITER showed some grace and as an encore they performed those ´Violence & Force´-headers ´Evil Sinner´ and ´Swords Of Darkness´.

Thank you… Pounding Metal… Pounding Metal… Good Night! (MH)

Stand Up And Fight
Heavy Metal Maniac
Iron Dogs
Delivering To The Master
Victims Of Sacrifice
Violence & Force
Rising Of The Dead
Black Witch
Scream In The Night
Pounding Metal
Beyond The Gates Of Doom
I Am The Beast
Long Live The Loud
Evil Sinner
Swords Of Darkness




In 2010, the original band from Canada cancelled their appearance at the festival. But this year, with the German cover-band from Gelsenkirchen, all the fans of muscle-culture were 100% served with an ideal wake-up performance for Saturday morning.

Happy iron-bending, some wrestling performances, two absolute pain-free Valkyries serving as pain-slaves…

While signing autographs, even ARTIZAN had a lot of fun watching this niveau-breakdown.

But to be honest, as long as such kind of acts are more like side-effects on the KIT no one needs to feel offended. Keep cool, guys. (LK)

Only The Strong
Thunder On The Tundra
When Gods Collide
Rock The City
Hot Flames
Keep The Dogs Away
Ride Of The Chariots
Knock 'em Down
Let The Blood Run Red

At the end of their performance the audience nearly cried, screaming and demanding ´open… open… open…´, but MAUSOLEUM GATE refused to play their anthem, their big hit. Normally, only the real big acts dare not to play their biggest hits, but nevertheless the audience was delighted, as to be seen remarking that guy in second row wearing a strange wool-jacket and dancing to catch imaginary demons.

The action on stage also continued, showing singer Varpula wearing wild blonde hair and a coat dashing up and down the stage while guitar-wizard and Timo Tolkki-Double Count LaFey managed to educe the fairest sounds from their six-strings.

But the real eyecatcher was hooded bassist Ischanius, who jumped around on stage like a dancing bear on ecstasy shaking his sparse hair. Remembering the records of MAUSOLEUM GATE, their songs were rather mellotron tinkered, but here on stage they performed live without any keyboard instruments and did not miss out any of their temper or power.

This one was dedicated to the old-school faction. The band invited the audience to dance, playing ´Magic Of The Gipsy Queen´ and ´Mercenaries Of Steel´, then started the attack with ´There Must Be Demons´ before Varpula hit a gong while paying the epic ´Summonig Circle´. As ´Lost Beyond The Sun´ followed and again raised the tension, everyone in the hall was simply shivered. In the end, ´Obsessed By Metal´ was the only bonus provided, but the missed song kept on humming in everybody’s mind. As a conclusion: A cheering crowd left back with one single tear in the eye. (MH)

Grin Of The Devil
Magic Of The Gypsy Queen
Mercenaries Of Steel
There Must Be Demons
Summoning Circle
Lost Beyond The Sun
Obsessed By Metal

Each year the KIT makes dreams come true – and this year it was my turn. Having experienced three tremendous albums I finally got the chance to see ARTIZAN live… What a great event. Opening the gig with ´The Man In Black´ they just walked all over me, and I was more than happy to see that all the other people around me also enjoyed those smooth but complex songs of these Ex-LEVIATHAN-fighters Ty Tammeus (Drums) and Tom Braden (singer) and their band.

Even though ARTIZAN started rather early the day the hall was already filled and at least the fans closer to the stage tried to keep up with Mr Bradens singing. But us ordinary mortals weren´t even worth the competition for him, only Harry Conklin (TITAN FORCE) and Todd Michael Hall (RIOT V) were able to perform on an equal level later that day.

After ´The Raven Queen´ and ´Hopeful Eyes´ they presented a big surprise: the song ´Leviathan´ from the original LEVIATHAN-setting. I was so glad that KIT-head-organizer Oliver Weinsheimer was offered a special wish so I was able to listen to this song from the original singers’ mouth. But also their own creations like ´The Guardian´ did convince the audience. Sadly, having heard ´Death Of Me´, ´Rise´ and most wanted ´I Am The Storm´ this great gig of the US boys was over. For my own purpose, it just could have continued for hours. (MB)

The Man In Black
The Raven Queen
Hopeful Eyes
The Guardian
The Death Of Me
I Am The Storm

After the rather fine US Metal coming from Jacksonville/Florida, now it was time for some old-school performance. Substituting the French BLASPHEME, the audience was delivered a respectable show as, arriving from Antwerpen/Belgium, KILLER entered the stage.

Inspired by MOTÖRHEAD their early-eighties drive was the perfect side-dish to the afternoon steak-sandwich. The song ´Back To The Roots´ was like a headliner to their performance. By the way, ´Back To The Roots´ is part of the album ´Monsters Of Rock´ and will be published by Mausoleum Records soon.

Singer and foundation member Paul ´Shorty´ van Camp scored with his rowdy charm while bassist Ken van Steenbergen a.k.a. ´Jakke´ walked by the first rows of fans showing of his four-string when they played ´Laws Are Made For Break´. Well done, duty fulfilled. (LK)

No Future
Touch Of Evil
Back To The Roots
Shock Waves
No Way Out
Wall Of Sound
Laws Are Made To Break
Ready For Hell

And here we are. Another cult-status east-coast band who´s common artwork was released recently by ´No Remorse Records´. For the first time ever in Europe: HEATHEN`S RAGE

We need to remark the fact that a few months ago singer Bob Pisauro just left the band, so they had some efforts in improvising in order to attend this gig.

The high-quality replacement found was HADES / ex-WATCHTOWER siren Alan Tecchio who entered stage together with the three band origins Rob Warner, Chris Teresyn and Mike LePond (SYMPHONY X). HEATHEN`S RAGE are well-known for classic and fast eighties-US-Metal combined with high-pitched vocals. So, who would have fitted better than Allan Tecchio? And so this foursome paced through their list of songs with Alan screaming whatever his lungs allowed him to. LePond played his bass on the spot, and so the whole gig containing eleven songs sounded nice, smooth and entertaining.

It is hard to state which of the songs entertained the most, but my personal highlights were ´Fight Till The End´, ´Dark Storm´ and glorious ´Knights Of Steel´. To be honest, my expectations were rather low, even though I knew Alan would be in charge of the action… but ye gods, they caught me off guard. (JT)

City Of Hell
Past Visions
Fight Till The End
Nations Under War
Defy The King
Dark Storm
Power Of The Sword
Enslave The Free
Far Beyond The Realms
Knights Of Steel

The Clevelanders SHOK Paris unfortunately were not able to finalize their new album ´Full Metal Jacket´ prior to the 2015 KIT, so their label ´Auburn Records´ decided to re-release their former trailblazing album ´Steel And Starlight´ with some new sound mix and several new bonus tracks.

A genius decision in my eyes because the KIT playlist therefore themed this album – it only left me missing ´Tokyo Rose´.

The band performed with original guitarist & band leader Ken Erb and singer Vic Hix. It just happened that drummer Donovan Kenega became father a few days prior to the KIT, so he was replaced by Jan Roll who already performed on the drums for ´Steel And Starlight´ album.

SHOK PARIS immediately shot their fans to heavens with ´Hot On Your Wheels´, ´Steel And Starlight´, ´Exhibit A´, ´Castle Walls´ and ´on Your Feet´, then they delivered their newest tracks ´Go For The Throat´ and ´Those Eyes´.

Playing ´Streets Of Pleasure´ even caught the Die Hard-fans because this song was presented as a bonus track only on the former ´Steel And Starlight´ album. You had Vic´s belling voice and Kens piercing riffs, but also being impressive there were the tight rhythms of homecoming Jan and also bassist Ed Stephens who enlivened the whole performance.

Referring to the third SHOK PARIS record (which a lot of fans considered the faintest) they only played the theme song ´Concrete Killers´. But they continued with something great: ´The Minutemen´. This song once was recorded together with the ´Steel And Starlight´ material but was erased afterwards by the record label IRS. It once was presented on the ninth ´Metal Crusade´ Sampler, but also can be found now on the new ´Steel And Starlight´ album. SKOK PARIS finalized their gig with ´Go Down Fighting´, Burn It Down´ and ´Run But Don´t Hide´. Each and every fan of the band must have been pleased as the sold out shirts and CD´s at the stall have proven. (MB)

Hot On Your Heels
Steel And Starlight
Exhibit A
Castle Walls
On Your Feet
Go For The Throat
Those Eyes
Streets Of Pleasure
Concrete Killers
The Minuteman
Chosen Ones
Go Down Fighting
Burn It Down
Run But Don't Hide

Now, after two times US-metal acts, the audience was dead on its feet. Nevertheless the majority wanted to continue as the hall was even more filled the moment the next act entered the stage. Formerly being announced as M-PIRE OF EVIL, but drawn closer to their origins they changed the name like the T-Shirts already told, the band on stage played under the synonym VENOM INC – including Mantas, Abaddon and Demolition Man.

In fact, they infiltrated the lovely Taubertal to totally demolish the hall with old VENOM-classics, but prior to this they warmed up themselves with incredibly five M-PIRE OF EVIL songs. Then Mantas took the mic and announced the more than 30 years old songs. The following ´Black Metal´ and ´Countess Bathory´ made the hall shake, fists arisen to the sky and the audience accompanied each of those anthems of generations word by word. Skepticism?

Forget it. But then, all of a sudden, they made a break of about 5 minutes which was rather strange. But they reappeared with loud sounds from hell and smoke clouds swirling all around playing ´Prime Evil´ followed by some old classics like ´The Seven Gates Of Hell´, Bloodlust´ and ´Son Of Satan´ in the end. Even though some infidels could not think of VENOM without Cronos, this was a really great performance. (MH)

Waking Up Dead
Metal Messiah
Hell To The Holy
Black Metal
Countess Bathory
Prime Evil
Die Hard
The Seven Gates Of Hell
In Nomine Satanas
Sons Of Satan

Now let´s take look at the undisputed highlight of the whole festival: TITAN FORCE

The US-metal band rushed on stage and performed the just recently re-released old demo-song ´Too Late´ presenting Harry ´The Tyrant´ Conklin´s god-blessed voice at its best. Harry seemed to be top fit and his voice was outstanding, such as if he just alighted from a fountain of youth.

The band surrounding the two Flores-Brothers started with some classics (´Small Price To Pay´ and ´Winner/Loser´) and continued with some real delights out of their heavenly repertoire like ´Fools On The Run´, ´Shadows Of A Promise´ (a song with a century-refrain!!) and didn´t even bother to add stunner after stunner. ´Chase Your Dreams´ was unbeatable.

The Tyrant, dressed in black leather-pants and shirt, rushed along the whole stage waiving his ebony-colored hair like in his best years, dropped his shirt while playing ´New Age Rebels´ and presented his perfect muscles with ´Only The Strong´.

His voice was at its best – simply not from this world!!

Before finalizing the gig with ´Blaze Of Glory´ and leaving the audience in exuberance and rapture, the fans were asked to sing along MAIDEN´s ´22 Acacia Avenue´. This act proved on thing: you can honor two gods – John Arch next year, but today there was a definite equal-worthy brother in music on stage. TITAN FORCE in 2015 – one of the best gigs ever on the whole ´Keep It True´ history! (MH)

Too Late
Small Price To Pay
Winner / Loser
Fool On The Run
Fields Of Valor
Shadow Of A Promise
Chase Your Dreams
Master Of Disguise
New Age Rebels
Only The Strong
22 Acacia Avenue
Blaze of Glory

Let me tell you, I felt such a pity for those guys. After the ´Metal Assault´, the ´Headbangers Open Air´ and the ´Bang Your Head´ last year, the bar was not only set very high, but having to perform after that gorgeous gig of TITAN FORCE there should not have been any chance to beat anything.

But obviously I didn´t bet on Mike Flyntz (guitar), Nick Lee (guitar), Frank Gilchriest (drums), Don Van Stavern (bass) and Todd Michael Hall (singer), like I should have done, because they definitely seemed to be even more incited to match the performance as Co-Headliner.

After the first tracks ´Narita´ and ´Ride Hard Live Free´ it was clear that this band was at least equal to the great TITAN FORCE. No matter whether ´On Your Knees´, ´Johnny´s Back´ or ´Hard Lovin Man´, this band played in front of an ecstatic audience presenting a frontman being able to perfectly interpret Gay Speranza, Mike DiMeo, Rhett Forrester and Tony Moore.

Not only old classics, but also new songs like ´Metal Warrior´ were presented. This time they played ´Outlaw´ in the middle of the set and performed a nearly furious and crazy version of ´Black Leather And Glittering Steel´ which I would have never ever expected that way.

Announcing and playing the last two songs ´Fall From The Sky´ and ´Warrior´ should have finalized the gig, but I suppose everyone in the hall knew: This is not over yet.

As the band re-entered the stage for the add-on, front man Todd has gotten rid of his shirt, and immediately several ladies in the first row took out their mobiles and cameras to take a quick shot.

But not only the ladies were about leave with a remarkable impression. ´Road Racin´, the RIOT-anthem amongst all ´Swords And Tequila´ and the unforgettable ´Thundersteel´ also burned some unerasable memories of an amazing finale gig and a great evening in the minds of the audience. (MB)

Ride Hard Live Free
Fight Or Fall
On Your Knees
Johnny's Back
Hard Lovin' Man
Metal Warrior
Wings Are For Angels
Black Leather And Glittering Steel
Sign Of The Crimson Storm
Angel Eyes
Take Me Back
Flight Of The Warrior
Fall From The Sky
Road Racin'
Swords And Tequila


Regarding the musical aspects we did not need to suffer from any total breakdowns. An open-air pub opened just besides the hall, which was very positive, even though they could add some seats next time, and maybe also umbrellas/sunshades if it is raining or the sun is burning. There was a food place in the beer garden, but you needed to take account of a waiting period for some, let’s say, improvable dishes. Generally spoken, serving food outside the hall is a good idea, and transferring the whole catering to the outside would improve the air quality inside the hall. Just to notice as annoying, why does it always need some people smoking inside the building though it is forbidden?

The outlook for next year is really amazing, announcing FATES WARNING, RAZOR, HEIR APPARENT (they definitely have to make amends!), ARTCH, THE RODS, KENN NARDI, MYTHRA, THRUST and more to come. Having presented the most american-roots band ever, ASHBURY, and even exceptional talent ULI JON ROTH, we may look out for exclusive bands like CCR or GYPSY KYSS in the future. Just to keep in mind: It´s not only the clothing that matters, but also the matching shoes for this festival.



Top-Bands Ludwig Krammer (LK):

Newcomer: SACRAL fuckin' RAGE!!!

Over-Top-Bands Jürgen Tschamler (JT):


Tops-Bands Martin Brandt (MB):

I am not able to limit myself to three bands, because SACRAL RAGE,
LEATHERWOLF, EXCITER, ARTIZAN, SHOK PARIS, TITAN FORCE und RIOT V need to be mentioned as outstanding acts (For me there were no blackouts this year)

Top-Bands Michael Haifl (MH):



(Original German Texts: LK, JT, MB & MH; English Translation by Alexander Zwissler)

Von: Michael Haifl
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