Interview with Mike Stark

Die Schweden STARBLIND sorgen im Moment bei allen Iron Maiden-Anhängern für feuchte Höschen - ihr zweites Album ist ein ordentliches Stück Hartmetall (siehe hier). Also, schnell Sänger Mike in ein Gespräch verwickelt und los gehts:

Hi Mike, since this is our first interview, could you tell us how it came to the creation of STARBLIND?

Hello to you as well Michael, I am really looking forward to this interview. - The creation process went fairly smooth. Zak and I got our heads together at first and drafted a plan. It took maybe two weeks for all the spots to be filled. Daniel on bass is an old bandmate from a Death Metal band (Sadauk) that I drummed for in the mid 90´s and I asked him to join and he willingly jumped on board. Björn and J.J. joined a week after. It all went very smoothly and even though I wasn’t a very good singer at the time (they told me I had potential haha) we all hit it off and I became better for each rehearsal and within a few months we actually had our album debut written.

What has become of STEEL ATTACK?

I think they are about to re-unite again with the original lineup from the first two records that was released in 1999 and 2001. I hope they get it rolling because it is a very good band. I was in the band playing the drums in between 2002-2005.

Tell us something about the recordings of 'Dying Son'! Was it recorded live in the studio - with no guitar dubbing, no trigger and metronome?

Yes, that is the way we will keep going. It’s the way we get our natural sound. If we were to record conventional it would probably sound more forces and not as good. The difference on this record compared to our debut, 'Darkest Horrors', is that we actually used a metronome for the most part on our debut. This time around we wanted our album to sound as live as possible. So we skipped the metronome all together.

Where do you see the difference compared to the first album? Did the last song get so long on purpose?

I believe the biggest difference from the previous album is that we are now even more solid as a unit; I don’t see us as five musicians when we play or record. We are one single unit. It is almost ridiculous if you look at Daniel and Zak, how they interact. It’s like they share the same mind and heartbeat. Björn and Johans guitar playing compliments each other perfectly and always syncs up on stage, in our rehearsal space and in the studio. No member in the band is just backing the others up; all instruments are playing lead, not just the guitars and vocals. This is not something that we do on purpose it just happens naturally when we write and play our songs. This is our strength as a band I believe. One unit, not five separate musicians.

About what topics do you write your songs?

This varies from song to song but I would say the lyrics are very dark and are either based on mythology or horror stories. The exception being Room 01 which is based on the book 1984.

What was the first album you bought? IRON MAIDEN?

Haha, far from it. In the early 80´s I was mostly into KISS and Twisted Sister but in 1986 I bought my first Iron Maiden vinyl. I have all the KISS vinyl’s up to 'Crazy Nights' in mint conditioned protected in plastic.

Are there any other bands that have influenced you?

Other bands than KISS? Haha Kidding, I know what you mean. I am influenced by a lot of bands but it´s mainly Manowar and Iron Maiden. The other band members have a wider base of influence. Some are more into the lesser known acts of the 80´s so it´s very different within the band

You are together as a band for two years now, what were the highlights so far?

There are so many things, the two record deals and the three week European tour in 2014 where we supported Tim Ripper Owens.

Can you manage to rehearse every week with the Band?

Yes, we rehearse at least once a week, usually two times.

Are there any tour plans?

Yes, our management is planning a tour in 2016; we will announce more details on this next year.

Good luck! Metal on!


Von: Michael Haifl
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