on air: Saturdays + Sundays from 21.30 h (CET)

STRIKE! is the metalshow on Streetclip.TV: 120 minutes each issue, the viewers get videoclips, live-footage, interviews and specials. You can see recnt bands and classic 80ies stuff, big names and metal-underground. Host „Neudi“ presents the show in his own unique, nearly anarchistic style.

on air: Fridays (see PROGRAM for schedule)

A wild mix of Punk, Indie, Psychobilly, Garage & Trash and everything else that Tex dixigas considers good. Rare vintage videos paired with new heroes, live, interviews, guest VJs and reports. Tex is the owner of Red Lounge Records, home of Lover!, Hard Ons, Digital Leather amongst many others as well Studio Eins Record Shop in Karlsruhe. The singer for local faves the Royal Turds has a reputation as beeing a wildman and here is a great way to watch him get at it! Carefull while you watch.. it's High Octane!!

on air: Fridays (see PROGRAM for schedule)

Non-Stop Psychobilly Video Clip Show. Everything from live & raw to shiny studio efforts you will get from Lena direct outta the middle of the scene. A lot of rarities and tidbits will be brought to you despite some tunes are rather from "rough" quailty (sound and vision). But that's the real stuff for real admirers. The finest, weirdest, crunchiest and most rude noise on the planet. Just tune in and GET WRECKED!!!

on air: Fridays (see PROGRAM for schedule)

The name is the Game: Rockabilly, Swing, Country from all over the world. Videos, interviews, reports, and concerts - lifestyle  and impressions. The whole nine yards for people from the scene and lovers of the genre. Presented by Lena and/or Eddie, who been around the scene a while and know it well

on air: Saturday + Sunday noon (CET)

ON TOUR – the name sais it all: the eventshow on Streetclip.TV. As soon as an artist is performing near where our station is based, host Nemesis is there to talk with the stars. The show contains all styles of music



on air: every two weeks Thursdays (00:00/06:00/12:00/18:00/22:00 CET)

ROCKwärts shows the hottest newcomers and rookies in Rock from Germany. Presented by Nemesis who is also a singer of her own and knows what she's talking about. She's always looking for the next big thing, so if you're talented, willing & able and from Germany, get in contact with her at rockwaerts(at) to send your stuff or to vote for someone you know.

on air: Thursdays (see PROGRAM for schedule)

Also the name says it all: Tons and tons of classic videos from classic artists in rock. Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, ELP, Rainbow, Krokus, Gary Moore and on and on and on and on. An endless stream of the titans of rock music history with a lot of rare clips never seen before on TV.

on air: Wendesdays

Pop Life on Streetclip.TV! Everything that's popular, presented by your wonderful host Dominique. Pop, Soul-Pop, Indie-Pop, Wave-Pop (keyword: 80s) - The Pop-galaxy is big - and we go everywhere!

on air: Thursdays (project state, coming beginning of 2008)

Melodic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Rock - loud guitars to wreck your speakers and shake down the walls. Let them Marshall amps burrrrrn.

on air: Saturdays (see announcements under HIGHLIGHTS)

Selected concerts or festival summaries we broadcast in full lenght, many of the exclusively. See live shows from the biggest and best artists only here.

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