RESISTANCE - Metal Machine

2017 (No Remorse Records) – Stil: Heavy / Power Metal

After having been one of the blessed at this years' UP THE HAMMERS who could experience the outstanding live qualities of this combo from Los Angeles, life keeps on treating me well as I can blow my ears right now with the third longplayer. And what should I say? There was no doubt that this 'Metal Machine' simply lets you forget about the mediocre actual METAL CHURCH album. Robbie is one of the real great singers on the planet with his powerful remarkable voice, who gets a powercarpet laid down before his feet by Paul (Bass) & Matt (Drums) and Burke & Dan (Guitars) that doesn't miss songwriting as well as melodies, which I was missing on the album of the already mentioned old gods.

But it is not my intention to mock one to evaluate the other. RESISTANCE don't need that anyway for this hitalbum speaks for itself and turns my top ten of the first half of 2017 upside down – sorry collegues.

The 'Metal Machine' rolls on, two fingers go straight up in the air automatically with 'Hail To The Horns' and the killercover in the fine art of 'Warhammer' manifests itself immediately with 'Rise And Defend'. 'Some Gave All' could stand for the group effort of their gig in Athens and the 'Time Machine' points out that those songs show an extraordinary high level that rumbles out of your speakers, so that it seems very difficult to point out a single one as a favourite.

These men also got a straight rocker on the bill with 'Dirty Side Down' that should turn out its extreme hitpotential especially at live shows. 'Heroes' even reveals a certain Blacky Lawless in the smiling inner ear of the lawless listener, before the final coverversion 'Blackout' reminds you once more how important the SCORPIONS were and still are (at least live) and that those songs also work out fine played by a much harder band. All this packed with a fat sound forces me once again to reach for another high rating just in time before we already look back on the first half of this years' most wanted outputs.

(9 Points)

By: Less Leßmeister
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