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BARE TEETH is a Punk Rock band from Lille, France, composed of Gregory (guitar – vocals), Titouan (guitar – backing vocals), Jérôme (drums) and Tom (bass – backing vocals).

After a demo sold to more than 250 copies, the French punk rockers BARE TEETH have announced the release of their next EP 'First the Town, Then the World' for May 19th 2017. As a preview, the band just released a music video for single ‘Parted Ways’, taken off their upcoming release. Preorders are now available on Bandcamp!



BARE TEETH have exclusively answered a few questions linked to their new music video for us !

Where was the music video shot?

Most of the scenes were shot at my parents' house and office, and all the outside scenes, really close to my house. We didn't have much time so we try to avoid moving too much with all the crew and stuff. The party scenes were shot at Jerome's place. He is maybe the hardest party maker in the band! ;-)

Who filmed and directed the music video?

Martin Genty from I.Shot Films did it. We got in touch with him because he already did some music videos for bands like Black Bomb Ä or The Lumberjack Feedback. He was very interested in making a music video that included a real scenario, so we decided to work together. Maybe we will do some more with him in the future.

What's the story behind "Parted ways"?

It's about growing up and losing friends. I'm now 36 but I don't feel old... maybe I am, haha. Parted ways is about my own story. I don't feel forced to stick to a well-paid job or buy an expensive car, but I have some former friends who turned their back at what they once were when they were younger and when we used to hang out together.

Someday, skateboarding or listening to punk/rock music became pointless to them and they started to behave like the people they used to rant about: nice shirts, nice cars, big houses, expensive stuff, ... but they don't look much more happier with all that shit, just acting as "adults".



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