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Music-Televison of today is a mere bore. Always the same artists, always the same music, always from the same producers.

The music-scene has much more to offer, especially outside the major record label-dominated mainstream. There is higher commercial and creative potential out there, with a greater and more intensive connection between fans and artist.

That is why we choose to feature “marginal” genres, because the vast majority of music-lovers are spread between different styles of music ranging from Rock to Classical music, not just the hypes and faked trends of the charts.This is where Streetclip.TV launches its “alternative offensive”. The TV week will be divided into in several topic-days. Every day will feature a different musical style and culture with shows and video clips. The weekend will be a cross between different styles and cultural topics. News, information, talk-shows and special-interest formats will form another important corner-stone in Streetclip.TV’s program.

Furthermore, we produce and feature high-quality documentations on traditional and folkloristic festivals from different regions and countries.

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