Technical information

Streetclip.TV is broadcasting with MMS (Microsoft Multimedia Stream) and can be viewed with Windows Media Player and the referring Plugins in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape.

If you have technical problems or requests, please contact our Technical Support.


Users of Apple Macintosh Computers can get the stream only with the VLC Player under Mac OS-X.
Please note that there's no possibility to watch Streetclip.TV with Mac OS 9 or even lower!!


  1. Download VLC-Player + VLC Web Browser plugin at
    www.videolan.org/vlc/download-macosx.html (you have to scroll down)
  2. Pick plugin for Intel or PowerPC dependant on the type of machine you use
  3. Start installer / routine 
  4. For use in Firefox-Browser check "Mozilla" (PC-User: to view screenshot, click here)
  5. After stream loaded, press start button "High" or "Low" in the player toolbar.

    Direct downloads:
    VLC Browser-plugin for PowerPC MAC
    VLC Browser-plugin Intel MAC
    VLC Player

Linux User

To view the stream on Linux machines you will have to install the VLC browser plugin in addition to the default VLC Player. You most likely can get it via your distributions packaging system.

Note Browser

Mozilla (Firefox): As far as it is not possible yet with this browser to handle the fullscreen-modus automatically, please choose this option in the context menue (mouse click right) with "zoom > fullscreen".

Note Firewall

Your Firewall should not block port "1234" in order to receive the signal.